The Notebook Projector Method
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I have been fortunate enough to be able to contribute

to my community, my country, and the world in

several ways, but possibly the most important thing

I’ve done is teach young people. And I still teach, but

only as a tutor, one student at a time. This website is

my effort to help more youngsters; I hope to create

documents and streaming video tutorials to support

their math and language arts education.

It’s also possible that The Notebook Projector

Method (NPM) could be of benefit to novice math

educators of elementary, middle, and high school

students. Channel Alpha videos show how I teach

math concepts using techniques to visually organize

processes; however, for NPM to be useful to

teachers as a tool for skill development and formative

assessment, it also requires an integrated and fair

grading method that motivates students.

Since I believe that classroom use of NPM structure

and routines can be effective, my future plans include

creating articles and videos that may help some

teachers to feel more confident in how they handle

the teaching of mathematics.

Until then, please feel free to check out everything

else, including my slightly tongue-in-cheek video

about retiring, and how I teach.